Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catching Up (On All Things Lulu)

So as usual I have overloaded myself with work and deadlines, and am a little upset I've fallen behind the schedule I've set for myself. But not to fret! My will to persevere still stands strong and content is developing behind the scenes. Here's what's coming this weekend:

FINALLY finished designing my Business Cards, and got them all ordered to pass out to my fam and friends this holiday season. :) Check out the designs below:


So according to my own self-made schedule I should be much further along in this series than I am. Slight delays with my day job, keynote speaking at University of the Pacific for Native American Heritage Month, and helping my girl Robyn with the Launch of her original music at the live show The Robyn Effect. (Check out her HOT original music HERE - THE GOOD AND THE BAD and HERE - POWERFUL AS POISON). Now with Thanksgiving coming up I'll have a few more family distractions, but a little more time to get more content out. My personality, I'm highly critical of all content I share, because once it's out there you never know how far it could go! So even though I've missed my initial dates, this weekend will be my chance to get back on track and put out the quality content I know I'm capable of. Check back throughout the weekend and over the course of the next week to get caught up with the series as I get caught up sharing my content! Also - recent decision - keep an eye out because I'll be posting my presentations from this series and Native American Heritage Month presentations to slideshare shortly. Here's the schedule I'm catching back up to :

PHASE 1 : Motivators
1) Basic Biological Needs
2) Protection of Self and Family
3) Healthy and Balanced Community
4) Self-Esteem and Respect
5) Reaching Your Full Potential
6) Accomplishment = Motivation x Ability x Opportunity
7) The Mayan Calendar
I was recently blessed to catch up with my mother this past weekend as she attended the Stockton Symphony's Beethoven Bash and Brasil Guitar Duo concerts. Our conversation basically consisted of her telling me she always loves and supports me, but the stuff I've been posting lately doesn't make any sense to her and she doesn't know why anyone would care other than my own mother. Lol. I saw her point, put then also saw her come to the realization of the bigger mental picture that I have been tediously working to manifest to tangible mediums. I guess what I'm trying to say here is THANK YOU to everyone who has shown support for me and my dreams thus far. I have a lot more work to do to get to the spot I want to be in, but I'm making strides and getting closer everyday. I know the method behind my madness has not always been quite so clear, but I track my analytic data and have been pleasantly surprised how much response I've gotten as I share content with family and friends. If you've been wondering what exactly it is that I've been doing, here's an overview for you:

There are 2 Main Branches of the Lulu Company Right Now:
  • The Lulu Chronicles - thelululchronicles.com
    • Target Audience: Millenials, Women, and Young Entrepreneurs
    • Content: Art, Music, Videos, Business & Self-Empowerment Tools
    • Monetization: Pay-Per-Pageview Advertising through GoogleAds
  • Lulu Marketing and Events - lulumarketingandevents.com
    • Diversified Content
      • Event Planning 
        • Birthdays, Holidays, Fundraisers, or Other Special Events
        • Priced for Party Starters on Any Budget
        • High Quality Low Cost options through Personal Inventory of Decor
        • Specialty Packages for Concert Planning and Promotion Bundle
      • Personalized Marketing
        • For Hire Social Media and Branding Consulting for Artists, Small Businesses, and Non-Profits
        • Package Diversity 
          • Consulting
          • Consulting, Rebranding, and Synchronizing
          • Consulting, Renovating, and Continual Monitoring
      • Social Media Downloadable How-To Guides
        • .99 cent Downloads to help Parents and Grandparents Connect Themselves to their Family and the Digital World 
          • On Special for the Holiday Season :)
        • $20 Generic Downloads for Small Businesses and Non-Profits
        • $50 Personalized Downloads for Small Businesses and Non-Profits
    • Marketing Channels: Search Engine Optimization, Specials, and Topic Driven Posts
Now of course, I can't give away all my trade secrets. :) But I will be promoting with freebies, updates, and more posts - predominately now through my Business Facebook site. (If you haven't added me yet you can find me HERE).

Thanks again for the continual support, love, and guidance. This project would never have seen the actualization of its potential without the critique and suggestions of my friends and loved ones. You rock!

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