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This Week: Exploring the Mayan Calendar


Image Gallery: The Mayans
[Aztec Calendar, Adopted from Mayan Calendar]

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Hello loved ones!


My mind is spinning, and I feel like I have a million things to say and no time to say them.
Trying to lay out my outline for discussing the Mayan Calendar and the End of Cycle date 12/21/12, which happens to be this upcoming Friday. Today, I am using my Social Media to tie up my research. Tomorrow, I'll start writing more of my own opinions. As of now, here's what I'm thinking needs to be discussed:

1) What is the Mayan Calendar?
2) What do we know about the Maya?
3) What other things make the December 21, 2012 date significant?
4) What might happen on 12/21/12?
5) How do we prepare for this coming date?
6) What if nothing happens?
7) Moving Forward. 

My Wikipedia and YouTube Notes & Links:

1) What is the Mayan Calendar?

2) What do we know about the Maya?

3) What other things make the December 21, 2012 date significant?

4) What might happen on 12/21/12?

5) How do we prepare for this coming date? (Blogs Coming This Week)
  • Surviving Natural Disaster
  • Redistribution of Power
  • Surviving Man-Made Disaster and Warfare
  • Being Prepared for Death
  • The Role of Spirituality and Religion

6) What if nothing happens? (Blogs Coming This Week) 
  • Finite Resources
  • Future Opportunities
  • Beginning a New Age of Man

7) Moving Forward. 

  • Starting from a Clean Slate
  • Moving Forward as Individuals and Communities

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Trying to wrap up the design of and I need help deciding which photos to feature!

Urban Art, Femme Fatales, Graffiti, Color, and Tattoos. These are a few of my favorite things.

Here are some I've found from various sources online, and edited slightly to enhance colors and fit the flow of my website. I'll be revisiting those sites to try to track down the artists, and locations for the graffiti pics. Once placed on my site, the images will link back to their source or artist info. For now, I just need to decide which ones I like best.


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Catching Up (On All Things Lulu)

So as usual I have overloaded myself with work and deadlines, and am a little upset I've fallen behind the schedule I've set for myself. But not to fret! My will to persevere still stands strong and content is developing behind the scenes. Here's what's coming this weekend:

FINALLY finished designing my Business Cards, and got them all ordered to pass out to my fam and friends this holiday season. :) Check out the designs below:


So according to my own self-made schedule I should be much further along in this series than I am. Slight delays with my day job, keynote speaking at University of the Pacific for Native American Heritage Month, and helping my girl Robyn with the Launch of her original music at the live show The Robyn Effect. (Check out her HOT original music HERE - THE GOOD AND THE BAD and HERE - POWERFUL AS POISON). Now with Thanksgiving coming up I'll have a few more family distractions, but a little more time to get more content out. My personality, I'm highly critical of all content I share, because once it's out there you never know how far it could go! So even though I've missed my initial dates, this weekend will be my chance to get back on track and put out the quality content I know I'm capable of. Check back throughout the weekend and over the course of the next week to get caught up with the series as I get caught up sharing my content! Also - recent decision - keep an eye out because I'll be posting my presentations from this series and Native American Heritage Month presentations to slideshare shortly. Here's the schedule I'm catching back up to :

PHASE 1 : Motivators
1) Basic Biological Needs
2) Protection of Self and Family
3) Healthy and Balanced Community
4) Self-Esteem and Respect
5) Reaching Your Full Potential
6) Accomplishment = Motivation x Ability x Opportunity
7) The Mayan Calendar
I was recently blessed to catch up with my mother this past weekend as she attended the Stockton Symphony's Beethoven Bash and Brasil Guitar Duo concerts. Our conversation basically consisted of her telling me she always loves and supports me, but the stuff I've been posting lately doesn't make any sense to her and she doesn't know why anyone would care other than my own mother. Lol. I saw her point, put then also saw her come to the realization of the bigger mental picture that I have been tediously working to manifest to tangible mediums. I guess what I'm trying to say here is THANK YOU to everyone who has shown support for me and my dreams thus far. I have a lot more work to do to get to the spot I want to be in, but I'm making strides and getting closer everyday. I know the method behind my madness has not always been quite so clear, but I track my analytic data and have been pleasantly surprised how much response I've gotten as I share content with family and friends. If you've been wondering what exactly it is that I've been doing, here's an overview for you:

There are 2 Main Branches of the Lulu Company Right Now:
  • The Lulu Chronicles -
    • Target Audience: Millenials, Women, and Young Entrepreneurs
    • Content: Art, Music, Videos, Business & Self-Empowerment Tools
    • Monetization: Pay-Per-Pageview Advertising through GoogleAds
  • Lulu Marketing and Events -
    • Diversified Content
      • Event Planning 
        • Birthdays, Holidays, Fundraisers, or Other Special Events
        • Priced for Party Starters on Any Budget
        • High Quality Low Cost options through Personal Inventory of Decor
        • Specialty Packages for Concert Planning and Promotion Bundle
      • Personalized Marketing
        • For Hire Social Media and Branding Consulting for Artists, Small Businesses, and Non-Profits
        • Package Diversity 
          • Consulting
          • Consulting, Rebranding, and Synchronizing
          • Consulting, Renovating, and Continual Monitoring
      • Social Media Downloadable How-To Guides
        • .99 cent Downloads to help Parents and Grandparents Connect Themselves to their Family and the Digital World 
          • On Special for the Holiday Season :)
        • $20 Generic Downloads for Small Businesses and Non-Profits
        • $50 Personalized Downloads for Small Businesses and Non-Profits
    • Marketing Channels: Search Engine Optimization, Specials, and Topic Driven Posts
Now of course, I can't give away all my trade secrets. :) But I will be promoting with freebies, updates, and more posts - predominately now through my Business Facebook site. (If you haven't added me yet you can find me HERE).

Thanks again for the continual support, love, and guidance. This project would never have seen the actualization of its potential without the critique and suggestions of my friends and loved ones. You rock!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's The End of the World!... At Least As We Know It

The End of the World
As We Know It

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


With more and more shows on TV and in the News concerning “End of the World” prophecies, devastating natural disasters, and heighted international and political tensions, many people have now heard about the Mayan Calendar’s end date of December 21, 2012. When news of the Mayan “end date” first hit mainstream news, it seemed to spark the fear and curiosity of nearly everyone I spoke to. At the time, it seemed like a far off date; merely another guess that would throw people into frenzy but show no real life-threatening effects. In my short life I had seen this happen many times before.

Y2K Problem

Y2K in the YEAR 2000
 Born in 1990, I remember being 10 years old as the world feared a meltdown of technology welcoming in the Millennium with an imminent Y2K virus. The news showed stories of people rushing the stores to stock up on water and non-perishable food for fear that the reset to 2000 would cripple our technological systems, and our society with it. But that New Year’s came and went, and as the next day arrived it was apparent that we had almost seamlessly progressed into a new age of man.

The Christian Bible ends in Revelation, a book that details believed warning signs that we are approaching the end of days and the second coming of Christ. Growing up, my father told me stories he heard as a young man raised in the church. He would tell me that many times over his life preachers would warn that the end was near, scaring parishioners to “turn or burn” before it was too late. I too read the Bible and these stories in my childhood, and witnessed end dates thrown out by other believers who thought they had unlocked a biblical code. These dates as well came and past. Something always bothered me about believers trying to predict the end of the world, because they based their “findings” on the same bible that states no man will know when Christ plans to return. It always just seemed a little oxymoronic to me. If you believe in the Bible, you take it at its word that it’s not for us to know when the end of days will come. However, it’s not a historically new phenomenon for believers to interpret these words as best fits their mindset and agenda.

If the End of the World has been predicted so many times across cultures and history, what makes this Mayan prophecy any different? Why should it be given any more credit than the other guesses at a human expiration date?  If you’ve seen any of the documentaries on the subject, or movies such as “2012”, you might know a little about the subject and a little about the Mayan culture. How do you separate fact from fiction? The week of December 21, 2012 I will be discussing the history of the Maya culture, the belief in pervious cycles, and what the end of this cycle might mean.

As a young Native American woman, and former President of my University’s Native American Student Association, I take great interest in the Maya and all other indigenous peoples from North and South America. I am not a definitive expert on the subject, but as a frequent teacher of Indigenous culture I believe I have the right tools to direct people to resources and individuals who are experts in their fields. I will be using these resources to dig deeper into this issue and answer all the questions I have posed in the weeks to come.

The week before December 21, 2012 I will be documenting and sharing more about the Mayan culture, their history, their beliefs, and their calendar system. I do not know if the world will end on this date, or if there will be cataclysms that steal the lives of many humans. Some believe nothing will happen, but I believe at the very least there will be widespread devastation as those who merely want to watch the world burn wreak havoc on those around them. I truly want to urge everyone to protect themselves as much as possible, and be on the lookout for this type of self-fulfilling devastation.

Personally, I do not believe this end date on the Mayan Calendar means that all human-kind will end, but rather it is the end of one cycle of civilization as we enter the next, new age. Through the lenses of Western Civilization we tend to want to see things as linear, with a beginning and an end. To understand this idea of cycles, we need to understand that the end of one phase is also the beginning of the next, as the Maya believe this cycle has passed many times before. However, I believe the best course of action is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

            I’m a HUGE fan of History Channel, and have long been a student of astronomy and science. As a child I was fascinated by the stars, and our miniscule understanding of the vast universe. However, my mother made me promise my feet would not leave the earth, and I entered College I focused on Cellular and Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Medicine. As I scientist I have been taught to think rationally, and to carefully evaluate all possibilities before coming to a conclusion. Though I do not know what will happen on this “End Date”, here are a few ideas.

Our Earth is much older than we are as a human species. If you’re an audio or visual learner, there are some really good documentaries available through History Channel that explain through all the possible disasters we may see in the coming weeks. We’ve recently seen the devastation a Hurricane like Sandy can do to the Eastern shore, and previous years have left examples of the devastations of earthquakes, tidal waves, and hurricanes. One scenario that was played with involves the heating of the earth through solar flares. This could heat the earth’s core and lead to a repolarization of the Earth’s poles and/or the shifting of the earth’s crust which could spark a series of volcanos, earth quakes, and tidal waves that could bring widespread devastation. At the end of the show the scientists say this is not a likely possibility, however that doesn’t make it impossible.
If you believe the scientist’s view of Pangaea, there once was an age where all of the land mass was connected – and to this day it looks like our continents may roughly fit together like puzzle pieces. The problem is the earth’s crust shifts as plates collide, resulting in earthquakes and the mountain and valleys in the landscape we’re familiar with today. These plates collide at what is known as fault lines, and these fault lines border ever continent at land or on sea. The devastation caused by these earthquakes can swallow up land and crumble buildings, crushing the humans inside them if precautions aren’t made. When these earthquakes happen at sea, they can give rise to giant tidal waves that can flood coastal regions and islands.
The other danger with activity in the earth’s core is the possibility of super volcanic activity. As magma pushes through active volcanos, it can create whole islands like those that make up Hawaii. Some of these volcanos are at sea, and others are centered in continents. If one of these sleeping giants is awakened, the danger doesn’t end with the magma that would destroy all life in its path. There is also the danger of spreading ash. The example of the ancient city of Pompeii has shown that the depth, toxicity, and severity of this ash flow can fossilize an entire region. If a super volcano is to erupt, or if there is a near simultaneous eruption of multiple volcanos, the ash that fills the air can block the sun across the planet. Without UV rays primary producers that rely on photosynthesis for life and growth would soon die. Then, the consumers that rely on these plants for food would also perish. After that we would see a collapse of larger animals in the food chain as their food supply perished. Depending on the length of time this ash cloud would fill the air, we could see a loss of civility and organization among various civilizations as humans are forced to fight each other for their survival. These cataclysms may or may not occur, and if they do there may be survivors. However, even if our entire race is erased from the map, it does not mean all life on earth or all life in the Universe will necessarily end, so with or without us the next cycle of time will begin.

            So I’ve found when discussing aliens with others, the general responses are as follows: “That can TOTALLY happen…”, “Maybe, but I don’t know enough about it and don’t want to live in fear…”, “RIGHT… Aliens…(Everyone KNOWS they don’t exist) Good luck with that.” Haha, everyone has their own opinion on the subject, but this is mine.
            Science has now shown, the Universe is GIGANTIC, and our lives and our world are just a speck in it. Biologically, our DNA is similar to many other organic organisms on this planet, but it is our cognitive abilities, our soul, and the way in which we are able to manipulate our environment that differentiates us. Some people have used the argument that the Bible doesn’t talk about aliens to prove that they don’t exist. To me, this is kind of funny, because if the Christian God is real and creation occurred the way the Bible depicts it, that does not mean other life forms do not exist but rather that their story wasn’t divulged to us. If the entire Universe was created by God, could he not have been the spark that initiated the Big Bang leading to the creation of our Earth in seven figurative days, or stages, rather than seven literal earth days? The other possibility is that God was able to control the creation of our Universe specifically, and was the spark that gave intelligent thought and souls to the human species, becoming the architect of religions to give our species purpose.

I understand that some believers may see these possibilities as sacrilegious, but that is not the intent. In a spiritual sense that cannot be simply explained by our current scientific understanding, I feel like I have been raised to have a personal relationship with my Creator, the Great Spirit as Native Americans understand it, the entity or energy force behind the intelligent manifestation of life as we know it. Though I may attempt to use all my cognitive abilities to wrap my mind around this subject, I know enough to know that there are some things I will never fully be able to understand until they are revealed to me. As a young girl raised in the Christian faith, I have been both Dedicated and Baptized to the Christian God.  As a student of culture and history, I have also observed the simultaneous longing and attempts at explaining forces greater than our own from separate groups of humans across the globe. The desire to understand our creation and connect with our creator is universal; it is the way cultures interpret this and stratify systems of worship that differ. Religion, whether based in truth or mythology, has served as an important tool to control the actions of the masses and scare them into submission and good behavior throughout mankind’s history. It is a code of order and respect that transcends national borders as political powers have shifted throughout time. I have also seen how these good intended religions have manipulated their practice and controlled their believers into carrying out the will of humans in the name of a higher God, and Christianity is certainly no exception to this.
Though I believe there is a Creator, I believe it is a powerful force beyond my comprehension, but accessible through my prayers and aware of the intent of my heart. I do not believe that I need the intervention of other fallible human beings to interpret this personal experience for me, or explain the intent of Biblical writers or the religious officials hundreds of years ago that chose which books would and would not be considered important. Translators have also transcribed these books into my language though there is variability in exact translations, leaving more room for interpretation or error. Though I have read the Bible and agree there are many good stories and proverbs, the amount of liberty taken and interpretation by fallible humans that are supposedly divinely inspired worries me. It is not a question of faith, but if my creator equipped me with the intelligence to think critically and determine my opinions and decisions for myself, I am going to use that gift rather than accept the interpretation of it by some other being.
Today, we see many sects of Christians that divide among themselves based on their beliefs of how the Bible should be interpreted. This is counterproductive being that the core message of the Bible is that we need to love our Creator and love one another. This self-division can lead to unnecessary judgment and hypocrisy. I don’t believe religion is all-in-all a bad thing, because it forms communities of individuals that are in most cases trying to be good Christians, or “Little Christs”, and emulate the stories of altruism, servitude, and love. We need this in our societies, and many need to spiritually refuel in these communities, and to be held accountable for their actions by this omnipotent deity even when they may not fear persecution from a governing political entity. I believe this quest to understand our spiritual selves is critical for human development, and I believe that it is healthy to use our gift of cognition to think critically about what we are told weighed against what resonates as true to our own reason and soul. I do not know what the future holds, but I have listened to the opinions of others, and weighed them against my own sense of reason. That being clarified, I would like to continue with the possibilities of 2012 that most intrigue me.

            Ancient Aliens seems to be a popular show on History Channel as it has now covered many episodes and topics. Though I do not believe every theory that is expressed, I do believe there is enough archaeological evidence to prove our ancestors at least thought about extraterrestrial beings. Through the erosion of time and communication barriers, we can only speculate as to what they knew, experienced, or were trying to tell us. Some have theorized that it was aliens that gave humans our cognitive abilities and technologies. Other suggest they were the root of the ancient stories of gods and goddess, as they lived among and ruled humans. Some theorists believe a species of the “greys” even reproduced with our human species, creating eras of “divine rulers” whose remains have been found to show elongated skulls. Were they malevolent, or kind? Where did they come from and what was their intent? Why did they leave? Have they left? If you believe in previous visits, then it merely opens the door to many more questions that we can only speculate on today.

            Roswell, Men in Black, or Transformers, if you live in the modern world you’ve probably heard stories of aliens, their origin or their purpose. With dramatizations, fictional stories, documented encounters, and discrediting cover stories it can be hard to separate any real fact from fiction. One of the people I most admire and respect in my life is my grandfather. He has told me many stories of his youth and career, though he always made sure to never cross the boundaries of his security clearance as a retired Department of Defense government employee that oversaw all printing and information processing for a California Air Force Base in Sacramento. My grandfather definitively believes in extraterrestrials, and though skeptics are entitled to their opinion, with his life experience I believe his opinions are based on more than speculation. Today there are many TV shows and stories of UFO hunters, some of which give credible eye witness reports and others which try to prove theories with little evidence and seem to discredit the whole idea. My belief – the government knows more than they make accessible to the general public, because information is power. Release of classified information could lead to enlightenment of our species, but it could also lead us to paranoia, panic, and destruction.

            If there were aliens living among us in the past, they could still be living among us today inconspicuously. We know very little about our ocean floors, and there are many stories of unidentified submerged objects, so there’s a possibility they are keeping an eye on us just out of our view. Many stories exist regarding abductions, and maybe they are hiding nearby in our solar system to monitor our progression as a species. We commonly hear stories of “grays”, lengthy aliens with large heads, large eyes, and greyish skin, with a similar anatomy to humans. Are these the only species we’ve interacted with, or are there other species? Do they act as one with a unified agenda, or with motives specific to their species and origin? Do they want resources from our planet, such as organic materials or energy sources? If they are far more advanced with technology and intelligence, do they seek to rule us, help us, or have they previously tried and left us to develop independently as some sort of experiment? Are they remaining at bay by their own free will or by the protection and decree of some powerful ruling entity? If for some reason, our species has been isolated and protected from invasion and overt interaction to allow us to develop as a young species, is it possible that this period of protection would end December 21, 2012? Might this be a date the Maya were warned about during ancient alien interactions? If they do return, would it be to reveal our history to us and reintroduce us to the rest of galactic existence, or to submit us to their will? I do not know, maybe they mean good or maybe they mean harm. I think the fear which so often controls our species may lead us to overreact to benevolent interactions, and I hope this does not occur and lead to retaliation from what otherwise would be allies. However, if we are met by entities that mean us harm, I can only hope we have developed the technology and strength to defend ourselves as the human race. Then again, if we are due for some type of geological cataclysm, maybe it will be these alien allies that help with some sort of preservation of our race.

Anonymous – Project Mayhem:
Pledged to launch December 21, 2012 the world-wide hacker group that has dubbed themselves “Anonymous” is planning to do what is in their power to bring to light the secrets and conspirators of our age on a global scale. By remaining anonymous, this group has not pushed forward a figure head for their cause, but rather is the joint effort of many global citizens with advanced technological skills that are tired with the current unbalance of power. In my opinion this could either be something wonderful or devastating for our society. Though anonymous identities help protect these individuals from governmental persecution, it also leads me to wonder about the accountability of all of the citizens involved. With varying intents, some may mean to only do good while others may stop at nothing to reinstate what they believe is the necessary balance accepting any rate of casualties.
I know enough to know that there are many complexities to this plan that I do not understand. What I have been able to deduce is this. There are members in this group who have launched viruses across the internet to track personal information, and have even periodically shut down websites and interfered with governmental agendas. They have used this power to do things such as pursue and exposure child pornographers. Some might be worried about their identity being tracked, but if you choose to participate in this global age, you have to come to the awareness your personal information is already being tracked by the government and logged by corporations and corporate agents. Every time you download a “free application” the fine print generally opts you in to sharing your private information with companies for the privilege of the download. So it’s not a question of information security – you’re information isn’t secure – it then becomes a question of how this information is used.
I’m still personally a little hazy on the details of Project Mayhem, but from what I understand there will be a collection, then public distribution, of secrets and alliances between corporations and governments worldwide on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 local time. The group may then choose to target political figures and other dubbed “public enemies” and put the power in the hands of the people to retaliate against them. Or, through the wonder of the internet, they may attack these individuals’ accounts or lives. The extremities of the possibilities can be quite scary, because it could result in an anonymous group choosing marks to break down the current governments. Though this could help the people, it also has the potential to be misused if the architects aren’t transparent about their intent. It could empower the majority, but it may also lead to masses replacing the mindless following of one government to the submission to another without fully understanding it. If true to its apparent intent, it could also help empower the American people and the people of the world to restructure their governing bodies and reinstate a balance of powers that holds corporations and officials more responsible to the will and needs of the people. That would be the best case scenario. If it leads to the breakdown of our societal infrastructures, we will undoubtedly see great changes and possibly war as we enter the next phase of the Mayan Calendar. I suppose other cyber groups we are unaware of could pose threats or rebalance powers, but this is the one that I will be watching the most carefully.  

What You Can Control: Having a plan to protect your family could mean the difference between life and death in the event of a natural disaster. Some things you won’t be able to protect against, besides trying to avoid regions with high geological risk. But in case you do survive the disaster itself, you should prepare to care for your basic needs if this disaster terminates or disrupts normal transportation and governing channels.

Basic Needs: To sustain life there are a number of things we as humans need. Food and water being the most basic, and then measures to maintain safety once basic biological needs are met.

What You Can Not Control: Whether devastation by natural disaster, extraterrestrial encounter, or divine intervention, there are many scenarios in which there is nothing you could really do to protect yourself or change the outcome. In these scenarios, all you can really do is be ready for your own death. If you believe in religion, this would include making right with your creator and preparing for judgment and the afterlife. Though many of us find comfort in the possibility of death being the channel to reconnect with the heavenly majesty of our creator, there are many who view death with fear and uncertainty. The truth is, until we die we do not know for sure what will happen to our souls after our biological demise. Though we want to hope for the best, I believe it’s also necessary to prepare for the worst. What if our souls only exist within the cognition of our biological vessels, and when our lives end that is also the end of our souls? If this is the case, then all we can really do to prepare is to make peace with the life we have lived to this point. Some of our actions are fueled by our biological need to sustain life. Other choices are chosen from within the framework of our culture and the connected sense of purpose. Many people who have been able to meet their basic survival needs have been able to turn their focus to more transcendental thoughts, and have long pondered the meaning of life. This is something I too have questioned, and though it is not a simple question to answer, I will be spending the next few weeks exploring this subject in an attempt to help others realize and actualize their purpose before the December 21, 2012 date.  (


            Now that we’ve discussed many possibilities of the devastation that we may see On December 21, 2012, what about the possibility that nothing happens and December 22, 2012 comes with minor devastation and destruction? Well, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst here’s my plan. I’m going to spend the next few weeks breaking down a way to help people achieve self-actualization. The week of December 16 -21, I’ll be discussing the Mayan Calendar and History in preparation for the calendar’s end date. During this time, I’m preparing to launch my own company, Lulu Marketing and Events. With the sunrise of December 22, 2012 I’ll be launching my company and entering the second phase of my online chronicles ( Phase 1 from November 4 - December 21 is about identifying dissatisfiers and motivators to help others understand their purpose and what motivates them. Phase 2 will examine the other two factors needed for achievement, ability and opportunity. My goal is to collect resources to help others develop the ability to create the opportunities to manifest the change they want to see regardless of their positioning in terms of traditional socioeconomic hierarchies. If the world keeps spinning as it always have, we will have been given a chance to reshape our world and civilization through the conscious realization of our role in the Universe and the power of our people. If we can look death in the eye on December 21 and be ready for it, then are granted another day of life on December 22, I believe it is our responsibility to show a greater appreciate for our lives which are not guaranteed.
If we are the ones to continue the human race, we need to do so with a thorough understanding of our history and the actions that have gotten us here so that we may intentionally begin the construction of the next age of man; the age of love and intellect that is within our power to create. All I can do is change my life and spread my truths to those whose paths I cross. It is your responsibility as a cognizant being to choose to either construct your own life or submit to the will of others who will attempt to construct it for you.


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Don't Forget to VOTE!

How Your Votes Are Counted

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I tried to pull up Republican Party Endorsements, but they require you to enter your exact address to view them - and I don't want to be registered in the Republican Party mailing database. Though I personally disagree with many of the Republican endorsements (Most Namely Mitt Romney), I believe if you are truly to have an opinion you must understand the opposing opinions. You can enter to find the Republican endorsements here:

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Achieving Self-Actualization in 6 Weeks

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12/2 - 12/8 : Self-Actualization 
12/9 - 12/15 Motivation x Ability x Opportunity 
12/16 - 12/21 : The Mayan Calendar & History 
12/21 : End of the Mayan Calendar 
12/22 Launch of Lulu Marketing and Events 
12/23 - ? More to Come! 

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Life Celebrations

My VERY talented mother created this for me. :) Celebration for graduating college. I love you mama. I'm so blessed with such a wonderful family and such a wonderful fiance. I'm blessed for the opportunities I've been provided, and now as I move forward with my life I am the happiest I've ever been. <3

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Most Amazing Thing Just Happened to Me (Part 2 of 2)

So I was sitting on the bench on the front porch of my new house. Recently home from work I was enjoying the summer's warmth and looking at our cute new neighborhood and it's evening activities. The porch sits behind a railing covered in vined flowers, and the old architecture of the neighborhood brings life to the houses sitting behind their lusciously green lawns. As I sat on our bench, an old lady was slowly walking by with her dog, and I watched her pass and responded to her hello. My head was snapped back to center as I saw the most amazingly beautiful hummingbird stopped inches from my face.

It came from no where, zooming down and hovering roughly 6 inches away from me. I've known for some time now that the humming bird is my spirit animal, reminding me to fearlessly dance with happiness, displaying my unique colors proudly. The hummingbird represents a small female spirit, quick and ready, but respected as warrior in battle. For those who know me I am a deeply spiritual person, reflecting daily on the connection of life and eagerly studying how we move through it. I've found a connection to the Native American spirituality I have been awakened to as I explore my heritage. By concentrating on the attributes of your spirit animal it aligns you to their values and helps you reflect those attributes in your own life. I've been going through a rough time recently, a transition period from my youth to my adult life. It has not been easy, and there have been many battles to overcome, but I've been moving forward with the partnership of the love of my life. Still, emotionally it's been very tolling. This is what a spirit animal is supposed to do, come in and out of your life as you need to realign. I have never felt so connected to the universe.

As I sat on my porch, the humming bird zoomed in from out of my line of sight. At first I was shocked, unsure of what I was seeing. But it sat there, hovering at eye level 6 inches from my face, looking me directly in my eyes. The experience only truly lasted about 30 seconds, but it felt like much longer. I have not seen any hummingbirds at my house yet, I haven't seen one at all for months and months. But here, when I'm finally home, winding down from a long week at my new job, recovering from my recent surgery, just taking a breath to take it all in and keep pushing on, this is when I see my symbol of joy and hope. It startled me at first, because my mind was elsewhere and it was not what I was expecting. I half expected it to attack me, as aggressively and swiftly as it flew down and came to a screeching halt in my face. But it just sat there. And so I sat there, trying to calm my worry while simultaneously being filled with awe. I have never experienced an emotion quite like that. Staring at it's beauty, it's significance in my life causing my mind to whirl. This is what I needed. Thank you.

<3 Lulu

Hummingbird: The Flight of a Spirit (Part 1 of 2)

Originally Posted on Facebook February 28,2010 at 10:41 pm

A time of deep introspection and insight has led me to finally determine the hummingbird is my spiritual animal of the moment, and quite possibly my totem animal.

Native American culture varies from tribe to tribe, but it can be said that 9 spiritual animals with different strengths and attributes guide you through the different stages of your life, and there is one totem animal that remains with you through the physical and spiritual world.

Finding a spiritual animal is not something that can be so easily told to you, it comes from an innate feeling of connection in past, present, or mind with such an animal. So here is one of the descriptions of sister hummingbird.
"Sister hummingbird is a joyous Spirit Guide. Her speed and dexterity in flight seems to express more than just her need to find food. Her brilliant colors flash in the sunlight, capturing the eye whenever they appear. Sister Hummingbird is the spirit messenger of simple joyousness and exuberance and teaches not to take things to seriously. To fly our own individual colors in the sun; to live on the nectar of flowers, to move faster than the eye can see, these are the virtues of infancy and innocence. She reminds us that the road of life is a muddy one, and that we need to forget the pains that teach us our deeper lessons, and simply be as we are. She traces out the filigrees in the air to dance her joy. But this same power also protects her from larger birds, who can never out-maneuver her. Even the Eagle is clumsy next to the Hummingbird. Her powers are feminine, even though many warriors chose to accept a bond with her as a power that protects in battle. Warrior, Protection and Joy."


This feeling of warmth and draw I have toward the hummingbird was recently strengthened with the reading of some passages from an amazing book called "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. They've touched me so profoundly, I feel compelled to share their message with whomever might care to hear.

"... It is so important to be impeccable with our word and to become a spiritual warrior. We must learn to control the emotions so we have enough personal power to change our fear-based agreements....

How are we to become a warrior? There are certain characteristics of the warrior that are nearly the same around the world. The warrior has awareness. That's very important. We are aware that we are at war, and the war in our minds requires discipline. Not the discipline of a soldier, but the discipline of a warrior. Not the discipline from the outside to tell us what to do and what not to do, but the discipline to be ourselves, no matter what.

The warrior has control. Not control over another human, but control over one's own emotions, control over one's own self. It's when we lose control that we repress emotions, not when we are in control. The big difference between a warrior and a victim is that the victim represses, and the warrior refrains. Victims repress because they are afraid to show the emotions, afraid to say what they want to say. To refrain is not the same thing as repression. To refrain is to hold the emotions and express them at the right moment, not before, not later. That is why warriors are impeccable. They have complete control over their emotions and therefore over their own behavior.

"First we need to forgive our parents, our brothers, our sisters, our friends, and God. Once you forgive God you can finally forgive yourself, the self-rejection in your mind is over. Self-acceptance begins, and the self-love will grow so strong that you will finally accept yourself just the way that you are. That's the beginning of the free human. Forgiveness is key."

I desire to be as a hummingbird. I desire to move mentally and physically with agility, free of the weights of the world I have tried to claim as my own. Free from the unnecessary pain and suffering that we have been taught by society to dwell on and carry around with us. Free from self-hate and rejection based on the feelings of never being good enough compared to unrealistic outside expectations from unseen judges and juries that I have been giving power to influence my life. Embracing my true colors and holding myself to my own standards of perfection tailor-made to the spirit I have been born with. I desire to fly my colors into the warming sun and sip from the nectar of the beautiful flowers that have been so wonderfully placed in my life. And as the hummingbird I will be a warrior in my thoughts and in my actions as I constantly battle the conflicting inner strength and outward force of the world. Though I may be small, I am filled to the brim with love for myself, my life, and all those I may meet. That is my hummingbird.

Friday, July 13, 2012

My First Surgery - On Friday the 13th

At home recovering today from my first surgery experience. The past few weeks have been a  roller coaster, but its time like these I'm so grateful for the love and support of my family and friends.

The week after my college graduation, I found out that though I had been on birth control, I was pregnant. Shocked at first, as the idea sank in my fiance and I played with the idea of being parents and realized it was something we both wanted together. I had heard the first trimester was the most difficult, with up to 25% of pregnancies ending in miscarriage and 80% of those happening in the first 10 weeks. Most of my life, I've wanted to prepare myself to emotionally and financially take care of my family when I am finally blessed enough to be a mother. I want to be as good a mother as my own, and as my grandmother, but with a family of my own. I was so excited for the pregnancy, and my first child, but I was nervous to announce anything during the first trimester. I told my family, and some closest friends, and they were so excited for me that the news spread and it soon felt like the whole world knew about the most recent development in my life. I changed a great deal to try to remain healthy for myself and my child. However, when I went in at 10 weeks for a sonogram I was told things didn't look as they should. My fiance came with my to a MRI center to get a sonogram, where I was told I had the sack for a 10 week baby, but the baby wasn't there. My body had begun miscarrying, but the process wasn't complete.

My heart broke, and my fiance held me and let me cry out my pain. I have never been so grateful for his unconditional love and support as I was in this moment. After spending some time home alone with him, I finally told my family what had happened. They were devastated for me. My parents and his were excited to be grandparents, and they had grown so close to us and each other in a short time over the idea. They hurt for me and the thought of their lost grandchild. My sisters were over the moon with the idea of being aunts, were hurt by the loss, but offered all their love and support for what I was going through. My grandmother grieved too over her lost great-grandchild. As my child grew inside me, I loved nothing more than to play out Jona and my future family in my head, and began to love it as my own. This development shook me to my core, because there is no kind of loss like losing the life growing inside you. I worried about my health and my future ability to have children, but the doctor repeatedly tried to calm me down with the comment of how common such a loss is. She also said because I wasn't passing the remnants properly, she would have to schedule me for an emergency D&C surgery that week. I was concerned with the timing, as this was the week I started my new career at the Stockton Symphony and I didn't want to take time off my first week. I was also nervous about the idea of being put to sleep, having never undergone surgery before. But as the hours of Thursday night drew to a close, I tried to calm my mind to mentally prepare for my Friday the 13th surgery.

Originally, my Doctor had told me that I'd go into surgery at 11:30. Yesterday I received a phone call from the hospital and they told me my surgery was at 10:30 so I'd have to be in prep by 8:30. She also said I needed a blood test beforehand and needed to hurry in to get that done. So I rushed out there Thursday after work but they didn't have any paperwork for me. So after spending an hour and a half bouncing around departments, I was told they couldn't do anything and I would need to come in at 7:30 am to get the tests done first. I woke up at 7 to my grandmother's knock on my front door. We drove to the hospital, followed by my fiance. As we waited my mind was spinning about the procedure; what that meant for my future, the possibility of complication, and everything I read when I Googled what was going to be done to my body. I am prone to anxiety, and have been trying to find ways to calm my mind and my body. I've found knowing as much as I can about what to expect prepares me and helps me remain calm. I visualized the procedure and tried to meditate and take peace knowing what will be will be.

I've never really had a problem with needles, and controlled my will to acknowledge the pain and focus elsewhere to not be overwhelmed by it. I was soon prepped for surgery, and realizing I had a long time to wait, laid back in my hospital bed and curled up in my warm blanket to nap until they were ready for me. Around 1130 I woke up as the anesthesiologist came to meet with me. After going through another round of questioning regarding my medical history, a sedative was added to my IV and I was wheeled to the surgery room. Here I was given a mask and told to breathe, and consciousness slipped away from me. I woke up in a recovery room and was soon checked out. My mother brought me home and I'm recovering for the weekend, but all went well with my first outpatient procedure.

Looking forward, I'm remaining optimistic and am excited for this new chapter in my life. I'm blessed to have an awesome new job where I really think I can learn and grow toward my passion and the career path of my dreams. I have a wonderful family, whom I love dearly, and have been there unconditionally with their love and prayers. Though I am saddened with our loss, I am still blessed to have a wonderful house with the man of my dreams, my new Fiance. Looking forward, I'm going to keep moving forward. We know we want to start a family together, and though were going to give it some time first, that will come when it comes. For now we can enjoy being a young engaged couple. I am so blessed.

My purpose for writing all of this out in such a manner is that it is my own way of processing, dealing, and moving forward. I know not everyone agrees with sharing personal information online, but what I've come to love about life are the stories. I want to be able to share my stories with whomever may want to hear them. From my family and friends that are concerned, to anyone out there that might be going through a similar thing and find their own peace in sharing common experience. I've spent a lot of my life observing, and meeting the most interesting and wonderful people. As I begin this 22nd year of my life, I want to share my stories, and theirs, and have decided to begin blogging again as I'm finishing up the design on my website. Social Media may not be for everyone, but for me its a way to stay connected with the people I care about and that care about me. And if I can take all of these lessons I've learned and beautiful things I find, and I can share that to entertain, help, or please others, then I'm all the happier for it. I don't plan to continue on such a serious note, but wanted to tell this whole story once through rather than have to relive it continuously in explanations. Thank you family and friends for your love and support.

Love Always,


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Response to "Go-Nowhere Generation" New York Times Article

A Friend of Mine shared this article on Facebook and her frustration with it. As I tend to do when I get passionate and heated, I went off on too long of a tangent, but thought it would make a great blog post.

Here is the article:

And here is my response:

One of the things that older generations don't understand is how millenials engage with eachother and technology. In past generations, not only was it cheaper to travel, but it was more important to travel to be able to keep in contact with diverse people spread out geographically. I'm all for traveling, but one of the other things our generation is attributed with are better relationships with our parents and families and more of a innate duty to engage with and support our communities. I think its great people are reinvesting in the communities they come from, because no one knows that community's needs like someone who was raised there. They make it out to be a bad thing to love where you're from and the community that raised you, but its not. And they have some numbers thrown in there, but make alot of wide inferences as to why Millenials do what they do, using a few outliers and examples from the past to highlight how things "should be". Well in every generation you are going to have both your movers and shakers, and you're going to have your general public that maintains the status quo pursuing a mediocre "American Dream" and no more. Its not like ours is the first generation faced with this, theyre just trying to point fingers as were coming of age and realizing how much bullshit is going on in the world around us. Were becoming adults and leveraging technology to do more from our home computers in a day than they could do in a month at our age. The older generations are getting older, and our generation is the largest that has ever lived, with the most purchasing power of any generation, and as soon as we realize that, and how to use that to control the trajectory of corporations and politics we will really become a threat to them. But as such a large generation, yes there are many who have been discouraged by the economy and their environment and feel like fighting for change and a better life is pointless when there is so much competition with both peers and more experienced elders also fighting for employment. This is not to say we're "going no where", but that there is so much economic and political noise as our generation comes of age, that the dormant potential needs to be tapped into and directed. This can also be very dangerous as it makes the young and influential prime prey for flashy campaigns promising purpose and hope (such as the response to Kony 2012). We want something to believe in, because our government, economy, and elders are letting us down and teach us to shift blame rather than leading by example. But I would rather my peers wait to activate themselves after critical thinking and for a true cause rather than getting swept away because we're told this is what we "should be doing". Better to sit and wait for the moment to act then act hastily as someone else's puppet when the ensuing results will not actually be in our own best interest, but rather benefit the privileged corporate stockholders seeking to use our purchasing power to repad their pockets after economic downturn. 

I am renting my own home, 60 miles from the community i was born to. I just graduated college and was one of the fortunate few of my peers to find full-time employment immediately after graduation. I understand that we all play a role in keeping the economy afloat, but for our generation we need to focus on strategically planning our future rather than running to the wind because that's what were supposed to do to keep things going as they are. OBVIOUSLY things aren't working as they are, were off track and not living sustainably. Maybe we don't want things to continue as they are? An analogy I heard from a famous economist is that our American economic system is like a car with bad brakes and bad steering. It doesn't work no matter who's driving it, when the infrastructure is not right, it will always eventually crash. So rather than condemnation for a generation born to a world in turmoil, monitoring the progression of the social justice causes and calls for economic reform, why not give us motivation and direction, or at least support. Lead by example and show us what to do to fix this, use our intellectual capital to look for answers to problems, reward us when we're on the right track. Don't condemn the one's not strong enough to take on this corrupted system on their own.

As a Marketing Student, I spent significant time understanding marketing research, and how to use it to get what you want. I love my profession, but I understand Marketing as corporate manipulation. Once you know who your target audience is, you act in ways to play to their psyche and get them to respond in the way you desire. The same is true of politics and journalism. This is done in journalism by the way a story is framed, but before the validity of a claim is established, the perspective of the framework needs to be taken into account. The funny thing about personal perspectives is that when you're looking for something you will find it. When you're looking for research and statistics to back a belief, you will be able to find or create them through primary or secondary research. You will also generally ignore signifiers opposing your stance, because only the results with statistical significance get published in journals, not researching that ends inconclusive or rejecting the null hypothesis of no correlation. Though this article may capture parts of my generation, it does not speak for all of it, for myself, or the vast majority of my peers that I am fortunate enough to call my friends. Truly, its all a matter of perspective. With so much stimuli constantly coming in, its human nature to reaffirm preexisting believes and ignore outliers, but that does not mean that this is the entire truth, just the way we see it or we've been instructed to see it. Yet, it's easier to point fingers than to offer a hand when our shortcomings are realized.

I agree that when people are always filling their minds with technology and outside information they arent thinking as much for themselves. It curbs creativity and innovation and can lead  to sedentary lifestyles, so its important to take time to unplug as well. What they also dont address is how technology is our generation's frontier, a new and unchartered playground with endless possibilities. It is similar but different to the geographic exploration of our ancestors, but less detrimental to other cultures and natural resources. It's easier to connect with many different communities you identify with, growing off their ideas and with their encouragement, all from the comfort of your own home. With information and communication at our fingertips, geographic relocation isnt as necessary for sharing and building on ideas, but it is more of an expensive luxury because of the economy and rising costs of gas. I can barely cover my gas to and from work in the same city, and I have more important bills to pay than taking as many road trips as i did just a few years ago. They make it seem like its a bad thing to want to reinvest in community and establish a life and future family near the family that raised you. Ok its cheaper to go to North Dakota, but who wants to go there? What if you're happy with where you live but can't afford to live there on your own? Both sides of my family have strong ties in California, including my Native American tribes, and though I've traveled all that has done is show me there is NO WHERE ELSE I want to live. Additionally, many other cultures keep family together until the children are married, and even then they invest in the community which then in turn invest in raising the child to be wise and ethical.

If you ask me, the older generations have it wrong. We've had it wrong on a slippery slope since the birth of capitalism putting the pursuit of personal riches before the most valuable resources we have - our time and our lives. Putting pursuit of riches before family and community has lead to alot of the problems were facing today, and the moral and ethical depravity that's eating away our nation from the inside out as well as the depletion of our finite natural resources in the guise of progress and profit. So let them hate on the "Occupy" movement, were a product of our choices and the environment that has been created for us by those that came before. Although we are a product of our predecessors we do not need to be condemned to their choices and mistakes, but rather should take this as an opportunity to stop pointing fingers, accept the realities of our own shortcomings, because we cannot change them, we can only decide our own actions and future. We just need to be sure to watch and listen now so that in a few years time when its our turn to run things we don't lead our kids into the same economic turbulence and finger-pointing games our predecessors are teaching us now

:) Thanks for sharing the article. I feel much better after that tangent. :P haha. We may be young, but we're smart and motivated. If we ever realize our power we will be a force to be reckoned with, and being raised with technology we have an advantage over older professionals that have to learn it from scratch. It comes natural to us, and though they have more experience we have the ability to teach ourselves anything we have the motivation to with a few finger twitches and a youtube video or two. They may not get us, but they do fear us, because we care and we're smart enough to do something about it. People in control like things the way they are from their seat of privilege and power. We just gotta use the doubt and repression as fuel to keep fighting harder, because words only mean so much. Its our actions that will speak for us.