Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lulu's Introduction (Video Script)

Albert Einstein is often considered one of the most prolific minds of our civilization, for his scientific contribution as well as his extensive collection of philosophical and cultural observations. (Links for both can be found in the video notes) One quote in particular has served as a source of personal inspiration as well as a professional challenge.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” - Albert Einstein

Now, I'm a Gemini and we're renown as the communicators of the zodiac. That's not to say I have all the answers, YET, but I'm never in short supply of words, and I'm on the right path by asking the right questions. I don't have everything figured out yet, but I will spend the rest of my life in the pursuit of knowledge, love, self-empowerment and growth. I've lived the first 20+ years of my life hard and fast, and I've come to peace with who I am as well as with who I've been. I know what I want, who I want to be, and I have my action plan to carry me there. With all I've overcome, I've adopted the mantra for myself and my company that, “You can join us, or you can watch us, but you can't stop us.” My measure of personal success isn't dependent on extreme financial gains, as I believe I will not be remembered for what I invested in my bank account, but for what I invested in people, and how their lives were different, and hopefully better, because of my existence. Since childhood, it has always been my goal to reach financial stability by provide for myself and my family without the necessity of my partners income. I'm not there yet, but I'm on my way, and I'm inviting you to follow my journey. I don't want everyone to think the way I do, but I want to take the lessons I've learned through my elders and experience, and leverage my unique talents and resources to teach people to think critically and empower themselves. And in the process, I'm using my blogs and company projects to chronicle the pursuit of my most magnificent dreams (TheLuluChronicles.com)

It has been through observation and historical education I've realized that traditionally institutions of power retain that power through a competitive advantage associated with the withholding of information. The internet and social media have changed everything. Though “classified” information does still exist, you can now run a search on YouTube to learn basically anything you're interested in doing. This shifts the paradigm of power from who owns the information to which channels are used to access the information. I want to be a resource, I'm passionate about so many things and I want to tie them together to bring people positive, fun, and humorous information in a designated “safe zone” where discrimination based on age, education, culture, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or skin color is not accepted, and the vibrant mosaic of our diversity is celebrated together.

I believe its a combination of 3 things that helps us achieve. Motivation x Ability x Opportunity. Those born into privilege are often given the Ability and Opportunities to pursue their dreams, but without the proper Motivation those dreams won't ever reach their potential. Those born into significant disadvantages are often denied the resources and education needed to proactively act on their intense motivation to overcome. I believe by providing resources across the lines of advantage or disadvantage, I can help a variety of my peers and loved ones develop the Motivation to enhance their Abilities while creating the Opportunities to realize their dreams.

Back to the Einstein quote - “If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough.”

For the past 3 years I've been developing, beta testing, and laying the ground work for my own business, The Lulu Company, that would enable me to provide these resources and tools. It has been my challenge to take what I've learned and condense it into short and concise discussions capable of truly impacting my audience without the message being lost of misconstrued. This has led to my adoption of a 3 step process: Clarify → Simplify → Implement. Before you simplify you have to clarify to ensure no critical bits of information are lost, and those who want the in depth information have access to it. Then you simplify the issue by cutting to the heart of the matter in a way that's compatible with our generation's short attention spans. Then, you have to highlight how this information can be applied to our own lives. It is this critical step of internalization that takes information from something we're aware of to something we're willing and able to act on.

So this is just an introduction that I've put off for far too long trying to simplify everything I believe, everything I'm working on, and everything thats coming next into a digestible dialogue. From here on out, I will be dividing my content into 3 sections: 1 - Clarification, 2 - Simplification, and 3 - Implementation. So if you like what you've heard, please share it with your loved ones and your social media network. There is so much more coming. And now that the ball is rolling, there is nothing that can stop it as long as there is air in my lungs and blood in my veins. Thank you for your time and attention, check out the websites listed in the links, and have a remarkable day.  

The Lulu Company (Main): www.TheLuluCompany.com
The Lulu Chronicles (Blog): www.TheLuluChronicles.com
Lulu Marketing & Events (Social Media & Events): www.LuluMarketingandEvents.com
Digital J Productions (Audio/Visual Engineering): http://www.jskillzproductions.com/
Lulu's Looks (Fashion - Beta): http://luluslookstlc.blogspot.com/
Mum's Meals (Cooking - Beta): http://mumsmealstlc.blogspot.com/

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Higher Road: Stockton Symphony's 24th Pops & Picnic

Check out our first Feature PR Story! By Kevin Guico - Arts & Entertainment Journalist at The Lulu Company

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The Higher Road: Stockton Symphony's 24th Pops & Picnic: Looking for some Satisfaction? The Stockton Symphony’s 24th Annual Pops & Picnic is exactly that –  Satisfaction: A Rolling Stones Experience.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Today's Thoughts and Challenge

I'm an Empowered Wombyn of the Millenial Renaissance. I'm born into a world filled with hate spreading from fear, and fear based in a lack of understanding. To appease these fears it is easier to live in the pleasant lies than the uncomfortable truths, and it is a tendency to label others in an attempt to understand them. But I am more than my externally ascribed labels. Each side of me that you see, and those that you don't, combine to explain the intent of my heart and the passions of my soul. I am not merely a product of my environment, through my actions I am also a propellant of it. Each day is a new chance to change your world, but the change has to first begin from within. 

Good morning friends and loved ones, here is my challenge for you today:

  • Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you're the person you want to be.
    • If the answer is yes, then internalize your peace and turn your attention to the world around you.
    • If the answer is no, then today in this very moment what are you doing to change that?
Every day is a new opportunity, and every moment is fleeting, which is the reason time is so precious. You can get up and keep running in the same cycles your whole life through, or you can make the conscious decision that today will be different. The choice is, and always has been, yours alone to make.

Love, Life, and Happiness ♥ LuLu FemmeFatale

Saturday, December 15, 2012

This Week: Exploring the Mayan Calendar


Image Gallery: The Mayans
[Aztec Calendar, Adopted from Mayan Calendar]

(CLICK HERE to Read My Opinions on 
Possible December 21, 2012 Events)

Hello loved ones!


My mind is spinning, and I feel like I have a million things to say and no time to say them.
Trying to lay out my outline for discussing the Mayan Calendar and the End of Cycle date 12/21/12, which happens to be this upcoming Friday. Today, I am using my Social Media to tie up my research. Tomorrow, I'll start writing more of my own opinions. As of now, here's what I'm thinking needs to be discussed:

1) What is the Mayan Calendar?
2) What do we know about the Maya?
3) What other things make the December 21, 2012 date significant?
4) What might happen on 12/21/12?
5) How do we prepare for this coming date?
6) What if nothing happens?
7) Moving Forward. 

My Wikipedia and YouTube Notes & Links:

1) What is the Mayan Calendar?

2) What do we know about the Maya?

3) What other things make the December 21, 2012 date significant?

4) What might happen on 12/21/12?

5) How do we prepare for this coming date? (Blogs Coming This Week)
  • Surviving Natural Disaster
  • Redistribution of Power
  • Surviving Man-Made Disaster and Warfare
  • Being Prepared for Death
  • The Role of Spirituality and Religion

6) What if nothing happens? (Blogs Coming This Week) 
  • Finite Resources
  • Future Opportunities
  • Beginning a New Age of Man

7) Moving Forward. 

  • Starting from a Clean Slate
  • Moving Forward as Individuals and Communities

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Trying to wrap up the design of TheLuluChronicles.com and I need help deciding which photos to feature!

Urban Art, Femme Fatales, Graffiti, Color, and Tattoos. These are a few of my favorite things.

Here are some I've found from various sources online, and edited slightly to enhance colors and fit the flow of my website. I'll be revisiting those sites to try to track down the artists, and locations for the graffiti pics. Once placed on my site, the images will link back to their source or artist info. For now, I just need to decide which ones I like best.


  1. FOLLOW the LINK to My Facebook Album.
  2. LIKE ALL of your FAVORITE pictures. (I have plenty of pages to post them too!)
  3. COMMENT on any pictures that you LOVE and think deserve a special highlight. 
  4. SHARE the Album and/or encourage your friends to vote too. 
  5. SEND me any other photos or links to photos you think might fit into my theme. 
  6. CHECK THE WEBSITE in a few days to see what pictures were chosen.


Make sure to catch the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of The Lulu Chronicles and Lulu Marketing and Events SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2012 & Check Out Photo/Content Updates from that date on!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catching Up (On All Things Lulu)

So as usual I have overloaded myself with work and deadlines, and am a little upset I've fallen behind the schedule I've set for myself. But not to fret! My will to persevere still stands strong and content is developing behind the scenes. Here's what's coming this weekend:

FINALLY finished designing my Business Cards, and got them all ordered to pass out to my fam and friends this holiday season. :) Check out the designs below:


So according to my own self-made schedule I should be much further along in this series than I am. Slight delays with my day job, keynote speaking at University of the Pacific for Native American Heritage Month, and helping my girl Robyn with the Launch of her original music at the live show The Robyn Effect. (Check out her HOT original music HERE - THE GOOD AND THE BAD and HERE - POWERFUL AS POISON). Now with Thanksgiving coming up I'll have a few more family distractions, but a little more time to get more content out. My personality, I'm highly critical of all content I share, because once it's out there you never know how far it could go! So even though I've missed my initial dates, this weekend will be my chance to get back on track and put out the quality content I know I'm capable of. Check back throughout the weekend and over the course of the next week to get caught up with the series as I get caught up sharing my content! Also - recent decision - keep an eye out because I'll be posting my presentations from this series and Native American Heritage Month presentations to slideshare shortly. Here's the schedule I'm catching back up to :

PHASE 1 : Motivators
1) Basic Biological Needs
2) Protection of Self and Family
3) Healthy and Balanced Community
4) Self-Esteem and Respect
5) Reaching Your Full Potential
6) Accomplishment = Motivation x Ability x Opportunity
7) The Mayan Calendar
I was recently blessed to catch up with my mother this past weekend as she attended the Stockton Symphony's Beethoven Bash and Brasil Guitar Duo concerts. Our conversation basically consisted of her telling me she always loves and supports me, but the stuff I've been posting lately doesn't make any sense to her and she doesn't know why anyone would care other than my own mother. Lol. I saw her point, put then also saw her come to the realization of the bigger mental picture that I have been tediously working to manifest to tangible mediums. I guess what I'm trying to say here is THANK YOU to everyone who has shown support for me and my dreams thus far. I have a lot more work to do to get to the spot I want to be in, but I'm making strides and getting closer everyday. I know the method behind my madness has not always been quite so clear, but I track my analytic data and have been pleasantly surprised how much response I've gotten as I share content with family and friends. If you've been wondering what exactly it is that I've been doing, here's an overview for you:

There are 2 Main Branches of the Lulu Company Right Now:
  • The Lulu Chronicles - thelululchronicles.com
    • Target Audience: Millenials, Women, and Young Entrepreneurs
    • Content: Art, Music, Videos, Business & Self-Empowerment Tools
    • Monetization: Pay-Per-Pageview Advertising through GoogleAds
  • Lulu Marketing and Events - lulumarketingandevents.com
    • Diversified Content
      • Event Planning 
        • Birthdays, Holidays, Fundraisers, or Other Special Events
        • Priced for Party Starters on Any Budget
        • High Quality Low Cost options through Personal Inventory of Decor
        • Specialty Packages for Concert Planning and Promotion Bundle
      • Personalized Marketing
        • For Hire Social Media and Branding Consulting for Artists, Small Businesses, and Non-Profits
        • Package Diversity 
          • Consulting
          • Consulting, Rebranding, and Synchronizing
          • Consulting, Renovating, and Continual Monitoring
      • Social Media Downloadable How-To Guides
        • .99 cent Downloads to help Parents and Grandparents Connect Themselves to their Family and the Digital World 
          • On Special for the Holiday Season :)
        • $20 Generic Downloads for Small Businesses and Non-Profits
        • $50 Personalized Downloads for Small Businesses and Non-Profits
    • Marketing Channels: Search Engine Optimization, Specials, and Topic Driven Posts
Now of course, I can't give away all my trade secrets. :) But I will be promoting with freebies, updates, and more posts - predominately now through my Business Facebook site. (If you haven't added me yet you can find me HERE).

Thanks again for the continual support, love, and guidance. This project would never have seen the actualization of its potential without the critique and suggestions of my friends and loved ones. You rock!